Frequently Asked Questions

1Who will work on my property?
Well trained, supervised personnel with the proper equipment. All employees wear a company uniform.
2Are you a licensed Landscaper?
Yes, we hold all the necessary State Licenses for New Jersey.
3Are you insured?
Yes. We are covered for workers compensation, liability, and our vehicles. Proof is available upon request.
4Why should I have mulch on my property?
Mulch provides many benefits for planting when done correctly. For shrubs and ornamental trees, a mulch base of 3"-4" is recommended. It helps to keep weeds in check, retains moisture in the soil, and adds organic matter to the soil as it decays.
5What type of mulch do you sell and install and what is the cost?
We sell the following brands, from least to most expensive: Double Hammermill, Dyed Mulch, Cedar, Hemlock and Licorice Root Mulch. Pricing is based on site conditions and quantity.
6Is it wise to use a fabric or plastic weed barrier under my mulch?
We do not recommend the use of fabric or plastic weed barriers under your mulch. These products will only prevent weeds temporarily. Plastic materials smother the soil and do not allow for the necessary exchange of air.
7Do you provide residential snow services?
Yes, we do. Service is based upon availability. Please inquire for more information.
8Are there different schedules for maintenance, such as weekly, monthly or bi-monthly?
Yes, maintenance programs can be designed to fit the needs of the owner and their project.
9Do you have a list of referrals?
Yes, we are more than happy to provide our referral list to all customers upon request. You can also check our testimonials page to read some of the things our clients have said about us.
10Do you apply pesticides?
We do not apply pesticides. We believe in a more organic approach.
11Do you encourage natural plant health care?
Yes, we believe that Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and ecologically sound programs are essential in maintaining an environmentally friendly balance with nature and we can offer organic products.
12What types of properties do you maintain?
We offer all of our services to residential properties, condominium complexes, and commercial sites.
13Do you warranty your plantings or sod installations?
Yes. All plants and sod are covered by warranty for three months, unless otherwise specified by the contract.
14Do you warranty your patios, walls, walkways, and fencing?
Yes, all installations are under warranty by Dreamscapes if there is a fault in the installation. All products are under warranty by the manufacturer, and we stand by the manufacturers warranties.
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